Does timing have an effect on how an artist’s work impacts the audience? It definitely has, and just like in any other business, here there are seasons. You can read a lot from the trend of releasing albums after every three years for this quartet, and their 36 months season worked magically for them. But behind the scenes and on to the journey leading to the release of each album you will see the pain, the endurance, and the determination to succeed – it was not all glamorous as it seems. It was not obvious that the band had to succeed as they did looking at their backgrounds, but one clever move that propelled them high was their ultimate focus, knowing their strengths and weaknesses and turning their weak points into strengths.

Like I have mentioned, turning weaknesses into strengths was part of what kept them going – were they to keep their cool in strict indie pop, it would have limited their success. Or worse still, they would have failed – you never know.

But it was out of their creativity they managed to harmonize the vocals. Paterson would find inspiration in early R&B, roots, rockabilly and greasy garage, while Adele’s lyrics were made out of blues laments, murder ballads and noir narratives.

The quartet never relied so much on what Brits were accustomed to, but rather what the major global markets needed to hear.

Here now is their discography.


Sons & Daughters - Love the Cup - Album Cover

“Sons & Daughters – Love the Cup – Album Cover”

Album: Love The Cup: (Ba Da Bing Records 2003) Re-issued (Domino Records 2004)

Genre: Rock

Style: Indie Rock, Rock and Roll, Pop Rock

Songs: Fight, Broken Bones, Johnny Cash, Blood, Start to End, La Lune, Awkward Duet

Notes: There are 6 versions available; 2 UK, 2 UK and Europe, 1 USA, 1 Russia.

Sons & Daughters - The Repulsion Box - Album Cover

“Sons & Daughters – The Repulsion Box – Album Cover”



Album: The Repulsion Box:  (Domino Records 2005)

Genre: Rock

Style: Indie rock

Songs: Medicine, Red Receiver, Hunt, Dance Me In, Choked, Taste The Last Girl, Monsters, Rama Lama, Royally Used, Gone.

Notes: There are 10 versions available; 3 UK, 3 USA, 1 Russia, 2 Europe, 1 Brazil.

Sons & Daughters - This Gift - Album Cover

“Sons & Daughters – This Gift – Album Cover”



Album: This Gift (Domino 2007)

Genre: Pop, Rock

Songs: Gilt Complex, Split Lips, The Nest, Rebel With The Ghost, Chains, Darling, Flags, Iodine, The Bell, House In My Head, Goodbye Service

Notes: The Album was officially released on LP, CD, and download on January 28, 2008, in the United Kingdom. There are seven versions available; 2 UK, 1 Europe, 1 Australia, 1 USA/Canada, 1 Russia.

Sons & Daughters - Mirror Mirror - Album Cover

“Sons & Daughters – Mirror Mirror – Album Cover”


Album: Mirror Mirror (Domino 2011)

Genre: Rock

Style: Indie rock, New wave

Songs: Silver Spell, the Model, Breaking Fun, Orion, Don’t Look Now, Ink Free, Rose Red, Axed Actor, Bee Song, the Beach, Listen To Crime, Just Relax

Notes: There are 7 versions available; 5 Europe, 1 Australia and 1 US.


Sons and Daughters - Gilt Complex Album Cover

“Sons and Daughters – Gilt Complex Album Cover”


Johnny Cash/Hunt (Domino 2004) – Has 4 versions, all UK

Panthers-Insound 7’’ Box Series Volume One (7”, 45)

Dance Me In (Domino 2005) – Has 8 versions, 2 for the USA and the rest the UK

Taste The Last Girl (Domino 2005) – 3 versions

Gilt Complex (Domino 2007) – 2 versions

The Gift (Domino 2008) – 2 versions

Darling (Domino 2008) – 6 versions

Son and Daughters Darling Album

“Son and Daughters Darling Album Cover”

Live CD (Domino 2008)

Breaking Fun (Domino 2011) – 3 versions

Silver Spell 12” (Domino 2011)

Rose Red (Single, Promo, CD) (Domino 2011)

Orion 12” (Domino 2012)




The Making of the Repulsion Box (DVD, Promo) (Domino 2005)



Killer (Remixed By the Whip) (CDr, Promo) (Domino 2007)
Mirror Mirror Remixes (Domino 2011)

That’s the creative work of Sons and Daughters, for now, I am of the opinion that we have not heard the last of them, no matter how long it might take before they probably reunite. Though I’m not predicting anything, in 2013, when Paterson was asked whether there’s something they wrote and never got released, he cited several compilations, this and a few other happenings in the industry can only leave us waiting to see the events as they unfold.


Start to End // Love the Cup
  1. Start to End // Love the Cup
  2. Blood // Love the Cup
  3. Johnny Cash // Love the Cup
  4. Broken Bones // Love the Cup
  5. Fight // Love the Cup