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Apart from entertainment, music has another side – the money side – and which motivates the artists to remain in the industry, and though money is not the only thing, it forms an integral part of music career progression.

There are several ways an artist benefits from his/her work; it can either be through selling physical copies of albums or CDs, through loyalties with designated service providers, live performances, endorsements and several other available ways.

As a music enthusiast and a stout follower of Sons and Daughters, it’s only fair not to dwell too much on how this band made money or how much they made for that matter. What should be of concern is to ask what next, those who never had an opportunity of laying hands on their CDs and LPs, can they still get them, is their work still accessible?

Sons & Daughters - This Gift - Album Cover

“Sons & Daughters – This Gift – Album Cover”

There are several things that could make their music available or not available; first is the nature of their winding up contract, whoever were their managers and their responsibilities after the band was dissolved, the terms of engagement with the record label that produced their music and finally their own wishes as the owners of copyright. These are some of the determinants which should also not be considered in isolation, as there are other determining factors over and above the artists that could also come into play and therefore influence the extinction of their music.

But whatever the case, the business part plays a major role here, the business of selling a product in demand, for the ten years the band existed they visited many places, participating in events and in all these places they left behind fans, so you’ll find that the demand is still there and in so many countries, especially in Europe and America, if the demand is there the supply will be there in one way or the other – the business of music.

That’s not the 1st worry, so to speak, because the internet is the fastest and the most efficient way to access music of choice from all over the globe, and with many platforms available, the hassle to find music is lessened, because at a click of a button you have it on your gadget, and you can do it too to get Sons and Daughters songs.

Amazon Logo

“Amazon Logo”

Start by visiting their discography and familiarize yourself with their music, from there log in to any of the available music selling portals, check availability and make an order. A spot check at Amazon shows you can have the music delivered to you after parting with a few coins. For example on Amazon UK, you can buy Mirror MP for £7.99 while the CD goes for £11.01. If you are in Hong Kong, a quick check on eBay shows that the album ‘Love the Cup’ is available for $4.99; on the same channel you can get Mirror Mirror if you are in the US for $15.21, and if you are in Canada and you wanted to listen to the album The Repulsion Box, you can get it for $11.49.

You can even reach out to Domino Records for further guidance on where to find the music, if not finding your specific copy, could be, it’s no longer being produced, at Domino’s  USA website the four albums are indicated available, along with a couple of singles.

And you don’t have to have a physical CD or LP, you can listen to the song you want on YouTube or download it from the various available channels, since Spotify, iTunes and the like have become an important medium in connecting artists with their fans.

So don’t starve yourself – Sons and Daughters lives on even after calling it quits in 2012.

Start to End // Love the Cup
  1. Start to End // Love the Cup
  2. Blood // Love the Cup
  3. Johnny Cash // Love the Cup
  4. Broken Bones // Love the Cup
  5. Fight // Love the Cup