06 September 2018


If you only started following rock bands recently, you are undoubtedly unware of the existence of the Sons and Daughters band. Well, it is because they have ceased to exist leaving behind a string of heartbroken fans in the wake of their dissolution. Even though their members are still alive, the band saw off the music industry in 2012. It constituted four members namely Adele Bethel, Aili Lennon, David Gow and Scott Paterson. Details behind its untimely disappearance from the music scene are rather scanty. But, they range from internal issues to external issues such as fans and competition with existing bands. It has already been six years since the band showed the music industry a cold shoulder.

Therefore, chances of its resurgence are rather slim. One of the most distinguishing aspects of their music is the manner in which they conducted the tours.

More information about this is highlighted in the passage.

The band had an amazing audience of fans which included all age groups.

The Fan Base

The band had an amazing audience of fans which included all age groups. Their music was able to capture the attention of almost any age group based on its captivating nature and uniqueness. It may be worth mentioning that the band focussed on playing hard rock and actually did it much better than their contemporaries. Not shocking, they were able to attract a very huge fan base. Their fans had been devastated when they learned about the disbandment of the band. Thanks to their huge fan base, their tours where characterised by countless attendants.

This applied to all kinds of tours irrespective of the country or continent. They were definitely a marvel to watch. In particular, it was the band’s lead singer and pianist who inspired the fans to attend in numbers. Other members cannot be discredited as they added immense value to the success of the band during their global tours. The fans around the world definitely miss the electrifying and invigorating tours that they used to enjoy when the band was still in existence.

Bad Teens Punished

Bad Teens PunishedThe series that showcase the real life scenarios of punishing teens that behave the way their stepdads want. It might not be directly related to the music, but seeing how rock’n’roll teens get their lesson is always a pleasure.

The Singles

Each time the band released a single, they always took their time to promote it as much as they could. They often visited various countries around Europe and the US to promote their singles.

Such tours were often lively in nature characterised by flare and mind capturing performances.

They did a couple of singles of which were able to take their fans by storm. Their tours were all able to attract some of the most mind staggering number of Youtube views.

Their Albums

The band’s albums were just as good as their singles. No doubt, they were always able to expand their fan base following the release of every new album.

Once a new album was out, the Sons and Daughters band always promoted it through their tours. They often sampled some of the best songs from the album to entice their fans to lay hands on the CDs and also follow the band on social media.

All their album tours were able to attract scores of fans from all corners of the earth.


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