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Another announcement this week… We’ll be playing with Primal Scream at the Edinburgh Hogmanay party. Details here

They will be doing a big old Screamadelica and Hits show and we’ll be doing some form of up tempo party singles set. Or something.

A metaphor

Check out the exceedingly trippy poster above. Look at it. That’s basically a metaphor for what the inside of our minds and the colour of our skin will look like by the end of the four days. It’s going to be a LOT of travelling. And a lot of fun.

Australian Tour 2012!

It’s been, oooh, about 6 years (?) since we last visited Australia.

Highlights were – being taken to a Koala sanctuary, all in black, straight from a 32 hour journey, our tour manager getting burned scarlet under the Freemantle sun at Bon Scott’s grave, nearly dying with the heat at our first gig in The Zoo, eating real barbies, being taken to a guitar luthier who only makes copies of Ramones Mosrites, picking up ace vintage clothes for cheeeeap and most of all, playing some amazing shows in places we never thought we’d ever see.

So, it is with great delight that we can announce today our forthcoming 2012 tour!

Can’t wait to dodge the UK winter and see you all down the front.

Tickets go on sale Wednesday 9th November 2011. See the LIVE section for links and details.

All toured out.

Thanks to everyone who came out for the UK tour. We had a fabulous time with you all and enjoyed playing a bunch of the older stuff this time around.

Big thanks to the marvelous Bonfire Nights and the sublime Peggy Sue who were just stunning every night.

Should be getting some new photos from the tour up very soon!

Tell us what songs you want to hear!

What do you all want to hear on the upcoming UK tour ? Hop over to the Facebook page and let us know!

Can’t promise we’ll do everything but, well, if you don’t ask you don’t get…


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