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Fresh From The House Of Sons And Daughters Band
  • Sons & Daughters - Love the Cup - Album Cover
    Love the Cup
    Sons & Daughters - Love the Cup - Album Cover
    1. Start to End // Love the Cup
    2. Blood // Love the Cup
    3. Johnny Cash // Love the Cup
    4. Broken Bones // Love the Cup
    5. Fight // Love the Cup
  • Sons & Daughters - Mirror Mirror - Album Cover
    Mirror Mirror
    Sons & Daughters - Mirror Mirror - Album Cover
    1. Don’t Look Now // Mirror Mirror
    2. Orion // Mirror Mirror
    3. Breaking Fun // Mirror Mirror
    4. The Model // Mirror Mirror
    5. Silver Spell // Mirror Mirror
  • Sons & Daughters - The Repulsion Box - Album Cover
    The Repulsion Box
    Sons & Daughters - The Repulsion Box - Album Cover
    1. Gone // The Repulsion Box
    2. Royally Used // The Repulsion Box
    3. Rama Lama // The Repulsion Box
    4. Monsters // The Repulsion Box
    5. Taste the Last Girl // The Repulsion Box
    6. Choked // The Repulsion Box
    7. Dance Me In // The Repulsion Box
    8. Hunt // The Repulsion Box
    9. Red Receiver // The Repulsion Box
    10. Medicine // The Repulsion Box

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06 September 2018


If you only started following rock bands recently, you are undoubtedly unware of the existence of the Sons and Daughters band. Well, it is because they have ceased to exist leaving behind a string of heartbroken fans in the wake of their dissolution. Even though their members are still alive, the band saw off the music industry in 2012.
02 October 2017

TV shows

Sons and Daughters existed at a very interesting time in the entertainment history, and on the same line, they had chosen a name that looks simple..


Believe this blog was of help and now you know much more about the band. If there is something left out and you want me to shed more light on it, feel free to contact me. Any constructive criticism and your feedback on anything is also welcome.

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    Album Songs

    Start to End // Love the Cup
    1. Start to End // Love the Cup
    2. Blood // Love the Cup
    3. Johnny Cash // Love the Cup
    4. Broken Bones // Love the Cup
    5. Fight // Love the Cup