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24 February 2021

How A Band That Could Have Been A Global Phenomenon Went Down The Memory Lane

Steve Jobs famously introduced the iPod as a device that could touch the heart through music. That is the power of music and millions of people are in its throes around the world.

Music breaks down all barriers and unifies human emotions even if it for a brief period of time. Once the tape is over, people quickly get back to the humdrum of life.

The cyclicity of life does not spare music and there have been innumerous genres of music catering to people from different back grounds and social milieu.

One such band is ‘The Smiths’ based out of Manchester, England in the 1980s.

Under each genre, you have several bands which have made their indelible mark in the sands oh history. One such band is ‘The Smiths’ based out of Manchester, England in the 1980s. They broke into the British music scene in the early 80s and went on to have a lasting impact on not just British music, but the entire ‘Indie Pop’ genre for generations to come. Such was their popularity that they had 4 of their albums appearing Rolling Stone’s list of the “500 Greatest Albums of All Time”

The band was essentially made up of vocalist Morrissey, drummer Mike Joyce, guitarist Johnny Marr and bassist Andy Rourke. They broke onto the music scene in 1982 with their first performance at ‘Blue Rondo a la Turk’ during a student and evening fashion show. They recorded several singles in spite of being turned down my EMI, with Geoff Travis of ‘Rough Trade Records’. They went on to debut their first album ‘The Smiths’ in February 1984 after several jam sessions, cover recordings and public appearances in prominent radio shows and media events.

The World Won’t Listen’ in 1987.

They followed up their first album with 2 albums in 1985, ‘Meat is murder’ and ‘The Queen is Dead’. Several of their album songs generated controversy because of the fact that they touched upon contemporary themes. This only further increased their popularity and their shows were mostly sold out. But all was not well within the group due to a number of reasons including lack of clarity on how they would divide their earnings resulting in court cases much after the band was dissolved. But they hung on for one last album ‘The World Won’t Listen’ in 1987.

Anal4K Inspirations – 2021 - WebsiteAnal4K could become a big inspiration for the band, but it’s been launched in 2021, not in late 80’s. What actually Anal4K is? It’s an adults-only series dedicated to internal creampies. This messy niche is having its second youth this year and recorded in 4K you are going to be shocked how much details you missed through years! Anal4K is available at its tube website with 10 free videos (when we write it) – head to now!

By this time the band was frustrated by the fact that they did not get the recognition that they deserved even though they produced so many chart toppers. There were divisions within the band and they soon broke up and did not reunite ever again even though the public thirsted for more of their path breaking music.

Here was a band with perhaps the greatest influence on the Indie-Pop scene that the world had ever seen. But they were together for just 5 odd years and broke down purely due to the band not being able to see common ground even though they were hugely popular. We can only imagine what more they could have created if they had stuck together and ruled the Indie-Pop scene.


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