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30 April 2019

What Are The Former Members Of Sons & Daughters Up To In 2019?

Sons and Daughters was an indie rock band which was launched in the year 2001. This rock band was formed by four members; they were David Gow, Adele Bethel, Scott Paterson, and Ailidh Lenon. This rock band was heavily influenced by the old rock bands of Glasgow.

This band was formed with Adele Bethel as the central piece. The idea of forming her band came to her while she was performing with another band named as Arab Strap as their member. While working with Arab Strap, she made connections with other members who later on become her band members.

Then for the next 11 years, they entertain their rock fans across the globe. They had a huge fan following in almost every continent. During their active days, they released 4 full albums and a large number of single songs. But in the year of 2012, they decided to disband their band. They parted for living their lives on their own terms, fulfilling their personal ambitions.

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Adele Bethel (Vocals, Guitar, Piano)

She was the central figure of this band. This band was her brain-child. During the active periods, she was the leader of this band. She was the lead vocal and used to play both guitar and piano in the band. She started her musical career with the Glaswegians, Arab Strap. There she polished her vocal skills and also learned about the leadership skills.

In the band, her voice matched perfectly with the fellow band mate Peterson. This helped her in correcting the base theme of the band. This would result in the improvement in the performance of the band and the subsequent increase in their popularity. After the disbanding of the band, Adele Bethel decided to go solo. Recently she started a project named Lead sister. She started this project along with some of her friends. She is now performing under this name in the United Kingdom.

Ailidh Lennon (Bass, Mandolin, Piano)

She was another talented band member of sons and daughter. She was responsible for playing bass in the band. She could also play both mandolin and piano. She did not have any lessons for music in her younger days. She readily agreed to the opportunity of playing in the band when it was offered.

Ailidh Lennon got married to Roddy Woomble who is a lead singer of Idlewild. Together they have a daughter. After the band disbanded, she initially helped her husband in song writing for a few years. Later on, she started her weaving business on the island Iona.

Scott Paterson (Vocal, Guitar)

Scott Paterson was a vocal artist in the band. He was born in Saudi Arabia in 6th August 1979. He was very active during his college days in Glasgow. Before joining the band, he had experience of every type of music which includes pop, rock, trip and all sort of genre of music.

He was vegan and love to tour all over the world. He would go to different countries such as Vietnam, South Africa, and India. He also got married to the lead vocalist of the band, Adele Bethel. Currently, he is engaged in various future projects along with friends.

David Gow (Drums, Percussion)

David Gow - Band MemberDavid Gow was born in the city of Glasgow. He was playing drums since he was sixteen years old. According to him, he was always creating noise for his neighbourhood. He started his career with Arab Strap where he met Adele to become the member of sons and daughter.

The above is the present situation of the former members of the band. They have parted to fulfil their desires and ambitions. We can only hope that they would reunite one day to make a wonderful song one more time.


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